Pumpkin Fun

Nothing says “Autumn” like pumpkins! They’re probably one of my favorite fall icons, so of course I went off in search of pumpkin crafts, activities and games to get in the fall mood.

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This article on About.com is all about carving and decorating pumpkins. (Personally, I like to paint happy faces on them!)

Or if you don’t want to decorate one, there’s lots to do with what’s INSIDE them! The Pumpkin Patch tells you what kinds of pumpkins to buy for which projects. It also offers many pumpkin recipes, as well as pumpkin history, pumpkin jokes, and pumpkin facts.

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But if you’re more interested in pumpkin themed arts and crafts, then KidsSoup.com and FirstSchool.com should have what you are looking for. Between the two of them – there is more than enough to keep you busy all season long!

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