A Painting We Will Go

One of the things on my “2011 To Do List” is “paint a painting.”

The kids and I are going to start working on some painting projects next week, but first I needed to see if the acrylic paint would do okay with watercolor paper. (I didn’t really want to have to buy a bunch of the canvas boards if I didn’t have to.

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Not at first anyway…

So here’s my test:

The boy wanted me to do an underwater scene with a submarine:

And then I wanted to use up the rest of the paint on my palette so I did this:

And so begins our journey into painting! I can’t wait for next week. =)

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Michelle Pendergrass
Michelle Pendergrass
February 18, 2011 2:10 am

Your card in my mailbox and your painting here–I’m reduced to tears. Tears of joy, pure joy. Thank you for being a blessing for me today. The latter half of today has been super-hard and these things? They carry me. (((hugs)))

I love your style. I can’t wait to see more paintings!! You’ve obviously talented.

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