Our 2009-2010 Curriculum

The season is upon us. Not the holiday season, the back to school season! The get back on our school schedule, pull out the new school books, stock up on school supplies and no more sleeping in late season.

Not that we ever sleep in late around here. Ahem.

Typically speaking we take the month of August off after having schooled for the whole remainder of the year. This year, however, we’re still going and we’re doing a bit of something during the month of August to help transition into the new school year.

princessgogglessnorkelPrincess, Age 9.3

We’re using the 4th Grade Brain Quest Workbook to transition from our 3rd grade curriculum last year to the 4th & 5th grade curriculum for this year. At the beginning of September we’ll begin our new year with the following curriculum:

dramaqueenswimmingDrama Queen, Age 6.3

We’re using the 1st Grade Brain Quest Workbook to both review some of the first grade concepts she began last year and also, pick up where she left off and practice the new concepts. Once she really gets the hang of reading, she’ll be able to move on:


Little Prince, Age 3.7

He also has a Brain Quest Workbook, Pre-K, and he’s doing some early pages out of that as his willingness and ability allows. Other than that his schooling will consist mainly of:

  • Learning to write some letters and his name.
  • Hands on play time with his blocks, animals and trains.
  • Watching Sid the Science Kid, SuperWhy and WordWorld. (Yeah, I just put cartoons down as school curriculum – so what?)
  • Playing his Caillou Thinking Skills and Caillou Alphabet games. I’d like to also get the Caillou Counting game.
  • Trying to play his Blue’s Clues Kingergarten game.
  • Keeping him from destroying school work by entertaining him with all of the above. 😉

A lot of these have been given to us over the years, many of them have been passed down from child to child. Some of them I found on sale somewhere and many of them I hunted down specifically trying to find the best deal. I choose things based on how well they meet my goals for the child and often personal recommendations from friends but if it doesn’t work as well as I’d like or if I find something that looks better, we happily try something new next year. We’re very laid back that way. Well, when I say we, I mean “I.” My husband would prefer I was a little less laid back and so I’m working on that.

How is the upcoming year looking for you? How do you find and choose your curriculum? I’m interested to know.

This post is happily submitted to the NOT Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week at Darcy’s My 3 Boybarians.



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Wendy @Sun-Kissed Savages
Wendy @Sun-Kissed Savages
August 4, 2009 10:00 pm

I’ve heard so many good things about Switched on Schoolhouse. However, it’s one of those too-expensive-to-buy-and-try things. I’d have to be certain. How long have you used it?

Wow, you school all year? As much as I love teaching and learning (and all the good stuff that comes with it, too,) I need the summer break as much as the kids do.
I’m impressed.

Brain Quest– we’ve really enjoyed the card packs, too. So much fun! I use the 2nd grade kit for all three of the older kids.

August 6, 2009 10:01 am

Okay…here’s a weird thing. I looked at your BLues Clues kindergarden link just yesterday and thinking “Aaron really loves BC now, I bet he would eat that up”. Went to the Dollar Store last night and guess what I scored for $1.80? You guessed it! Just gotta get a kid-friendly mouse instead of a track pad or track-ball. Thanks for the idea! Also, who goes to the dollar store when they are on a very rare date night? I do!

August 8, 2009 7:50 pm

First Language Lessons is on our list too. Some other things I have to check out too! Thanks for the links!

Robin E.
Robin E.
August 9, 2009 5:19 pm

Carmen San Diego is still around? Is it Vista compatible? I recall Carmen San Diego games when I was a kid, but I haven’t seen it recently. My kids would love it, assuming it’s pretty advanced. They are geography nuts, and games such as Professor Noggins’ Countries of the World 1 and 2 are just too easy for them.

Thank you for sharing on the Blog Hop.

Kari "Momma Snail"
Kari "Momma Snail"
August 9, 2009 9:59 pm

“Watching Sid the Science Kid, SuperWhy and WordWorld. (Yeah, I just put cartoons down as school curriculum – so what?)”

You are so AWESOME! Great list!

Peggy Brister
Peggy Brister
August 25, 2009 8:34 pm

I am a little late commenting on this post. Better late than never I suppose. I use a boxed curriculum, Abeka. I like it because you get lesson plans for every subject every day, what to teach, supplimental activites, board problems, which worksheets to do in which book, etc. It guides me through it without having to come up with my own lesson plans. And my two kids had been previously in private school and they used Abeka in the private school, so the kids were used to it by the time I started homeschooling them. With all 3 of… Read more »

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