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Remember this picture from my school room post? You may not be able to tell, that file folder in the front says “Notebooking Pages.” Know what that is? Yup. It’s a folder of blank notebooking pages (a small amount) that I printed off and made available at all times for impromptu notebooking urges.

I have some with large, ruled lines and some with smaller, unruled line with a variety of borders and boxes. I downloaded them with my Notebooking Pages membership. Truthfully, the oldest is more interested in the Notebooking Publisher – creating the page and filling it out on the computer and then printing it. Access to the Publisher comes with the annual Treasury membership so we can use both.

Notebooking Publisher:

Visit to learn more about the new web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™

In two days, the annual membership will be going up just a little bit, (meaning today and tomorrow is your last chance to sign up at the current membership rate–if you’re interested.)  (<– This has expired, but if you’re interested, it’s still at worthwhile investment at it’s current prices if notebooking is something you want to pursue with your children.) They have a section of free printable notebooking pages that you can check out, too! And the membership gives you access to any new pages added throughout the course of your membership period (they added hundreds of new pages in 2011 alone, totaling over 6,000 pages available in all.)

If you’re not sure about notebooking or not very familiar with it, the articles section has information about how to get started, what supplies you need, types of pages, and so on.

We’re easing back into our school year slowly and so far have only been doing Bible, Math and a little bit of Language Arts. Next week we turn up the dial on our Language Arts work and add in History so we’ll be adding notebooking pages into our routine again. Time to warm up the printer!

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