My Imperfect Husband

My husband is far from perfect.

That may seem a bit harsh of a statement considering this is Father’s Day and all!

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Today you’ll find all sort of tributes to amazing husbands everywhere. But humor me for a moment..

It is true that my husband isn’t much for romantic gestures. He doesn’t really care for going out on dates and doesn’t get why giving flowers is appealing.

It is also true that he’s not big on long conversations and he’s really picky about his personal space – sometimes even with me.

My husband is not a morning person. He doesn’t wake up with sweet words or anything remotely resembling a smile. In fact, you’re better off keeping your distance for, oh, a good twenty to thirty minutes at least.

My husband is a picky eater, a picky clothes wearer, and sometimes he’s just downright picky. At times it can make him a bit difficult to live with. Other times it’s a bit humorous.

So, yes, I don’t have the perfect husband who makes me breakfast in bed or takes me out dancing and dining.

But you know, when he does do something romantic – it’s usually something big and it’s always very special. One time when I was pregnant with our second daughter, he came home from work and told me to get dressed up because we were going out. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but he had already arranged childcare and all I had to do was come along for the date. It was very special.

And even though my husband doesn’t care much for long conversations, he’s usually willing to listen. Quite often I’ll keep him up late by talking instead of falling asleep while he listens and contributes and asks questions from time to time.

Plus, even if he’s super protective of his personal space at times throughout the day, he always cuddles up to me before he can go to sleep. Always. When I’m gone, he has to hold my pillow – how sweet is that?

And yeah, he’s not a morning person. Shucks, neither am I. The fact that he needs a few minutes to really wake up means that I get a few minutes to really wake up, too. Can you imagine if I married someone who woke up insanely early whistling a tune while I peeled one I open and begged my eyes to focus on the numbers on the clock and pleaded with my brain to interpret them? Um… yeah.

And as far as being picky goes…

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he IS extremely picky. There’s no denying that. And sometimes it makes things more difficult.

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But at least I know what to expect. Most of the time I’m not caught off guard and I’m able to anticipate his reactions in advance. Which is good because I don’t like being caught off guard. I mean, who does? But think about this too… This man who is quite possibly THE pickiest person I have ever met… picked me more than ten years ago and asked me to marry him. How about that.

So there you go. My imperfect husband. MY imperfect husband. I love him so, imperfections and all. And, I’m not so perfect either. I have my own issues. My hubby could write his own version of this post, to be sure.

By the way, I believe that God led me to my husband and brought us together. Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer,… “what God has joined together let no man separate.”

My imperfect husband.

My perfect match.

Happy Father’s Day, James. I love you.

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June 16, 2008 1:45 pm

That was very honest and sweet! Thanks for sharing it!! You definitely know how to keep your eyes and heart focused on what is most important!

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