More Fall Decor

Check out that “fall broom” hanging on my dining room wall! It’s really one of those cinnamon brooms but it looked kinda “witchy” so I also bought some fall colored grasses (all from the dollar store) and tied it with some of the fall ribbon I already had (clearance from last year) and voila! A beautiful fall broom!

Also, I found some pumpkin spice potpourri at the Dollar Store that actually smelled quite wonderful. Mixing that with some extra pinecones and fake gourds made a lovely (and lovely smelling) bowl for my table. I’ve had the red suede maple leaf for a couple years and I’m not really sure where I acquired the white tablecloth but it’s perfect for fall, having little acorns and leaves and such all over it.

I love the little nuts and shells and spikey things in the potpourri, the picture really doesn’t do it justice.

We usually try to add some decorations to our school area, too, but since we’re doing school in Big Daddy’s office this year I tried to keep it low key. Here’s our “fall wall.”

It’s a shame that fall decorations are already falling by the wayside in all the stores. I mean, we still have THANKSGIVING to go through, y’all!! If that doesn’t yell “AUTUMN!” then I don’t know what does! We’ll be keeping our fall decor up through the end of November, as usual. December 1st we begin decorating for Advent! But that’s a horse season of a different color. ; )

Happy Fall Y’all!!

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November 10, 2010 10:48 pm

OOOH pretty! Wanna come decorate my house for Fall? Cus I love fall too, but decorating? Not so much! lol

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