Monday Meanderings April 20, 2009

todo-150x150My meandering thoughts, captured in print and somewhat organized. 5 things or areas, any areas I want to focus on. We survived our crazy week last week and got many things on our todo list done. This week is less crazy but still a bit busier than normal for us. Let’s see what we’ve got going on:

1.) My “Must-Do”s for today:

  • School: Math & Science.
  • Play date/ business planning for Saturday’s science fair.
  • Some necessary chores before we go to the playdate.

2.) My Week:

  • Princess’ Bday Wednesday!! – Girls’ day out with MIL (&Lil Prince)
  • School: Math & science only.
  • Work on science projects for Saturday.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Planning & prep for upcoming science/art fair

3.) This Month:

  • Finalize new menu planning system (details coming soon.)
  • Purge & organize filing system.
  • Have a trial run Baking Day – something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into our routine.
  • School a friend’s son along with our kids while she’s on a cruise with my mother in law for a week!

4.) Online To-Do:

  • Finish blog customization for Hollie @ Groovewoman
  • Finish re-design for Classic Housewife (sooo gonna be worth it!)
  • Design graphics for my UBP winners.

5.) Menu Planning

  • Sign up for the coupon sites Erin @ 5 Dollar Dinners recommended
  • Research the stores in the nearest town, which days they have their sales, if they double/triple coupons, etc.
  • Begin a chart for food expenses, coupon savings etc (so I can track how much I’m really saving and other details.)

This month is slipping away quickly – faster than I’m getting stuff on our to-do lists done! I think I always try to tackle too  much and then rollover things to the next week and the next. I guess that’s not so bad if I get the most important things done first… This week is still going to be busy with a playdate today (so us mom’s can finalize science fair plans), a playdate tomorrow (with some friends who are moving VERY soon!) and spending all day with my mother-in-law on Wednesday to celebrate my eldest’s birthday. That only gives us the 2nd half of the week to finish our science fair projects – aaahhh!!! We don’t normally plan so many things. April just crammed itself full of things faster than I could blink – and I couldn’t really turn any of them down. 🙂 We just gotta keep moving and keep chip-chip-chipping away at things. What gets done gets done and what doesn’t will still be there for next week. Or next month. 🙂

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April 20, 2009 10:40 am

I think it would be so much fun to homeschool someone else’s child (at least for a little while!). It would add such a new dymanic to everything and shake up the system!

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