Monday Meanderings, April 13th 2009


My meandering thoughts, captured in print and somewhat organized. 5 things or areas, any areas I want to focus on. It’s time to see where I am on the goals I set for April and to see what I can get knocked out this week.

1.) My “Must-Do”s for today:

  • Get school done.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Pay bills.
  • Finish printing off bank statements for 2008.

2.) My Week:

  • Regular chores & school.
  • Have a trial run Baking Day – something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into our routine.
  • Purge & organize filing system.
  • Planning & prep for upcoming science/art fair

3.) This Month:

  • Finalize new menu planning system (details coming soon.)
  • More work to be done on the financial records.
  • I’m heading up our homeschool science fair – lots of work to do!

4.) Online To-Do:

  • Finish blog customization for Hollie @ Groovewoman
  • Finish re-design for Classic Housewife (sooo gonna be worth it!)
  • Design graphics for my UBP winners.

5.) Menu Planning

  • Sign up for the coupon sites Erin @ 5 Dollar Dinners recommended
  • Research the stores in the nearest town, which days they have their sales, if they double/triple coupons, etc.
  • Begin a chart for food expenses, coupon savings etc (so I can track how much I’m really saving and other details.)
Last week I went shopping for two weeks, armed with two weeks worth of menus, detailed grocery lists for both, and my coupon binder. Just utilizing the sale, my store card and my coupons I saved sixty dollars. On the other hand, my total (for a family of five, for two weeks of food and some extra on sale things, for cleaning supplies and toiletries and whatever) was 260.00 after my savings. My husband was about ready to flip – but I didn’t really spend more money than normal, I just spent it more up front. (And as far as I can tell, from talking to other people, spending five to six hundred dollars a month on food and everything else for a family of five is not unreasonable and over the top. Is it? What do you think?)
I would LOVE to see that number come down even more, using some of the coupon sites and by sale shopping at some of the other stores in the next town over. I’d like to make trips over there at least twice a month to get things like meat at lower prices than what I can get at our local grocer. Plus it should come down more as I build up our overstock allowing me to buy more things only when they are on sale and not at full price. That’ll be fun. Oh – and when my veggies start growing (so I don’t have to buy those at the store at all?) That’ll be MORE fun. 🙂

And now I’m off to chip away at my to do lists. It’s a busy, busy day!

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April 15, 2009 7:06 am

I read an interesting article in Consumer Reports the other day. They sent a guy to shop for a list of specific stuff (like mustard, sanitizing wipes, wheat bread) and had him do it four different ways: impulsive buy at the local store (grab what looks good, no price check), “savvy” shopping at the local store (watch sales flyers and clip coupons), “Budget” shopping (going to Costco and buying in bulk) and then “store brand” shopping at the same local store. I don’t have the exact figures, but the impulsive was INSANELY high (like 265), but there was not a… Read more »

Emily B
Emily B
April 15, 2009 9:22 pm

I’m also on a money-saving kick right now. I’d love to get the address of Erin’s Five Dollar Dinners blog!!! I’m all about coupons. I also have 5 in my family (including my 19-year-old sis-in-law who lives with us). I saved almost $100 last week using my shopping card and coupons. My total bill (same items as yours, plus new shoes for my kids and 2 t-shirts for me and Easter dinner fixings and Easter basket stuff…hooray Walmart!) was $320. I did most of my shopping at Kroger. They double coupons up to 60 cents. They’ll also stack coupons. Have… Read more »

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