Mommy’s Law #2 – When Mommy is On the Phone

Mommy’s Law!

Some things in a mom’s life just seem to work a certain way. I call it “Mommy’s Law.”

For example, trying to make a phone call.

Mommy's Law

We’ve all been there! We have an important call to make, or a friend calls to check in on us, and wham! Next thing you know, the kids are fighting, or bouncing off the walls, or something else that demands our attention.

Trying to make an important phone call and parent the fighting littles at the same time can be trying and exhausting. Sometimes though, it’s motherhood that’s calling! While the caller holds, a parenting moment invested is investing in a much bigger and better thing. Invest wisely. =)

Image Credit: Call On Phone by Vinicius de Carvalho Venâncio

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