Menu Plan Monday

Yup, on Tuesday. Just roll with it, mkay? This week I needed to just keep things simple, no new recipes this week, and I wanted to make sure I used many of the items we received in our organic produce co-op share.

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But later this week we’ll have some honest to goodness chilly weather again so it will be perfect weather for soup!

Tuesday ~ Grilled Chicken Salads (using several items from the organic produce co-op: green leaf lettuce, broccolini, red bell pepper and parsnips. Also, green onions)

Wednesday ~ Meatloaf, sweet potatoes (from the co-op, baked or mashed I haven’t decided,) home-canned ranch beans and cornbread

Thursday ~ Baked potato soup (using co-op potatoes) with bacon, cheese and green onions.

Friday ~ Tacos (using the lettuce and tomato from the co-op, as well as the avocados.

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Saturday ~ Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with potatoes and carrots

Sunday ~ Pancakes for supper – with sausage, scrambled eggs, and I’m thinking, a CRANBERRY COMPOTE with our co-op cranberries, yes??

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura the Org Junkie (and yes, I’m going to start trying to do this again! Between the produce co-op and all the goodies my mom and I are canning, I need to make sure I use all up the good food we’re getting!

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