Marriage Monday – Backing Up Your Husband

Marriage Song

I like to sing. I also really enjoy singing with my husband. But even though we’ve been married for over fifteen years, that’s still a relatively new thing for us. Sometimes my husband plays guitar and lets me sing. But sometimes he sings and I sing harmony. Harmony is my favorite.

Singing together is not unlike marriage. See where I’m going with this?

You have to work together.

You have to practice.

You have to sing the same song.

You have to sing to the same tempo.

You have to sing in the same key.

And then if you add some coordinating harmony, you make beautiful music.

Again, harmony is my favorite. It always has been. But it’s also my favorite for this marriage analogy, too. When my husband sings the lead and I take the harmony, it’s a great picture for marriage.

When your husband takes the lead in the song, he’s not taking over, he’s not singing his own song, he’s not overpowering you. When you sing the backup vocals, you are not “less than,” you are not overlooked, you are not drowned out. The song needs both parts, it needs balance, and it’s beautiful.

Men, lead your wives. Leading does not mean controlling, overpowering, belittling or drowning out. Women, come alongside your men, following their lead. Submitting does not mean you are less valuable, less important, overlooked or walked upon.

Marriage is like a song; it takes practice. You have to make sure you’re singing the same words at the same tempo. You have to work on being in tune and balancing the melody and the harmony. You have to listen to each other, too. It doesn’t work when both parties are singing independently and not listening to the other person.

Are you working on your marriage song? Are you listening to your partner and working to sing *together?* I know it can be really hard sometimes. Your marriage is worth all the hard work. But I pray for everyone who reads this Marriage Monday post, that you would be encouraged. I pray that as you seek the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, your marriage would be blessed.


I’m not adding a Marriage Minute link-up this week. I’ve been slacking off the last month and need to get back into the habit of writing for Marriage Monday. If you have a post you just really want to share, feel free to leave it in the comments. I really don’t mind. Have a blessed week!

Image Background Source: Strings by Anna Langova

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liza lee grace
liza lee grace
September 29, 2013 11:49 pm

This is gorgeous.

September 30, 2013 6:38 am

This is beautiful! and so true.

James Oliver
James Oliver
September 30, 2013 6:53 am

I don’t normally read Amber’s blog, but every now and then, I see one that I wonder what she’s saying about me. 🙂

I do like this analogy. She has even “sung harmony” in our marriage when I was singing like a tone deaf guy, like there was no beat, and with the rhythm of an unbalanced washing machine. I feel like I still do 98% of the time, but she is always there following my lead irregardless (love that word because it will annoy her) of the mistakes I have made.

Love ya woman!

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