Marriage Minute – Simply Love

“Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.” (Michael Leunig.)

I love this quote. It points how simultaneously easy and hard it is to just “love one another.” We know we’re supposed to, the bible tells us to love each other, to love our enemies, to love as God loves us… no matter how you look at it, loving each other is the right thing to do. The command is so simple! And still so hard!

The main reason this is so hard sometimes is because we’re focusing more on our own selves, our own needs, our own rights, etc.

  • I can’t love that person right now because they hurt my feelings.
  • I don’t want to love this person because I want to get my way.
  • I don’t feel love for this person because they are not loving me.

When we zoom in on our slights and differences and problems, it’s hard to love. The negative feelings squash it. But if we look past what WE want and look at what the OTHER person needs.. we can learn to love the other person. And when we’re talking about our spouse, this is a win for both of us. Yes, sometimes loving means kindly reproofing, but if you’re doing it for your spouse’s sake and your marriage’s sake, and not your own.. that’s love. Love will carry you through the hard times, the differences, the squabbles and slights. “It’s as simple and as difficult as that.”

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Marriage Minute ~ Simply Love

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