Learning Geography with the National Park Passport Program (Bright Ideas Press)

I want to share something very cool with you. I’ve written about these National Park Passports we discovered while on our road trip, and shared all about them over on the Bright Ideas Press blog. Check out the snippet below, and then if it seems like something you’d like to learn more about, click over to Bright Ideas Press to get the whole story. Check it out!

Bright Ideas Press National Park Passport Geography


Have you heard of the National Park Passports? These nifty little passport booklets are a clever way for the National Park Service to encourage patrons to visit National Parks around the country while proceeds are directed back into protecting the parks and educating visitors.

But for homeschool moms, the National Park Passport books and iPhone app are a gateway lesson to unraveling the geography of our vast and diverse nation. . .

{Click here to learn more about the National Park Passports we discovered on our road trip, and how we can use these with our kids to study geography!}

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