Kitchen Tip For Fighting Winter Skin

Winter is upon us. Oh, you know that? Yeah, my knuckles, my elbows and my chapped lips figured it out, too. Add to the cold dry air outside and the warm dry air inside with frequent handwashing, fireplace tending and a bad habit of not paying attention to things like dry hands and chapped lips and, well, it wasn’t pretty. Several weeks ago I realized that my biggest problem was just simply not stopping to think about applying lotion or lip balm until things were stinging and getting my attention. My second biggest problem was not being able to find lotion or lip balm when I needed it. And, knowing me like I know me,.. I needed something out and in front of my face to remind me to use it and to keep it in one place.

Solution for my winter skin problem: a little kitchen “necessities” basket.

Our kitchen is central in our house.

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And it’s where I do most of my hand washing. It made sense to create a spot for some bare essentials there in addition to the top drawer of our master bathroom. I saved this little basket from a lotion and handsoap set my husband gave me once and have used it to hold new hand soaps over the years, but there has always been plenty of extra space. It’s perfect. I added some lotion and lip balm and gave it a spot right there between the sink and the coffee pot. I see it all the time. When I need some, it’s right there.

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When I see it, I am reminded to apply it.

No more scratchy hands and lips. All the better to give hugs and kisses with.

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