How to Buy Gifts for Little Boys

#1: Assess the “annoyance factor.”

Anything with an annoyance factor above “hmm, does that toy have an off switch?” should be immediately by-passed.

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Huge toys, loud toys, aggressive toys, or just plain “man that toy is annoying” toys.. move on.

#2: Assess the “in the hands of a boy” factor.

Even if it already not annoying on its own, a young boy can make it so.

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If you don’t have small kids, decide if you could try to annoy someone you know with it by repeatedly pressing the buttons, bouncing it, making it jump, etc. If the answer is yes, move on.

#3: Does it have an on/off switch?

To further clarify, if a toy makes any form of noise or sound whatsoever, of any decible level and does not have an on/off switch– move on. Also, if a toy does have an off switch but doesn’t have a volume level and plays noises above a quiet speaking volume, it would be in your best interest to move on.

#4: Can the toy be used as a weapon against a sibling?

Reference #2. If the answer is yes, yeah.. move on.

#5: Does the toy contain a million pieces, extrememly tiny pieces, or pieces that otherwise must ALL be kept together in order for said toy/game to continue working?

Yeah, the likelihood of of THAT happening is nil to none. Move on, please.

#6: Does the toy require batteries?

Especially toys that require more than two batteries or very large batteries. In the hands of a small boy, the life span of a battery is reduced significantly. Go ahead, move on.

Also, one must remember the “Reciprocation Rule.”

If you also have small children, well… what goes around comes around. I’m just sayin.’ If you wouldn’t want this for your child.. MOVE ON.

So what CAN you buy for little boys, hm?

Anything small, quiet, battery-less, with few pieces, low annoyance factor, no noise and/or off/volume buttons, that can’t be used as weapon against a sister or unsuspecting family cat makes a perfect gift for a little boy.

You know. Like socks.

Disclaimer: My son actually got some really GREAT gifts for his birthday this weekend!

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I have trained them well, mwah-ha-ha-haaa…

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November 23, 2009 6:02 pm

Too funny! And too true! The funny thing is, I actually ask all these questions before buying toys. With three boys in the house, you have to! 🙂

I even pay attention to the reciprocation rule – since all my friends have all boys, too!

FYI, even socks can be weapons. My brother would take them off at the end of the day, ball them up, and throw them at me and my sisters. Ew!

November 23, 2009 6:05 pm

so true so true!!! My brother in law works very hard to buy the most annoying toys for my sons- but I told him PAYBACK buddy! I cant wait till they have kids. tee hee!!
.-= Amanda-TheEckLife´s last blog ..Tomato Cage Trees =-.

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