God’s Plan For Marriage, Part 3

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Picking up where I left off from last time, let’s see what I wrote about marriage after Eve handed Adam that fruit…

After the Fall

Although the first marriage system was what God had originally intended, He altered the system after Adam and Eve ate of the fruit. God told Eve that her husband would rule over her (Genesis 3:16.) Ruling is much different than leading, and that change in thinking resulted in a big change of lifestyle. Instead of portraying the wife as equal to her husband, it portrays her as inferior to her husband.

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Also, this new position makes it less likely that a husband and wife would work together towards a common goal, but rather that the husband will make all the decisions and the wife will carry them out. This puts more space between them and they don’t support each other mentally and emotionally anymore. The relationship still works, but it isn’t as close as God originally planned.

As time went on, two things began to happen in some marriages. Either the wife became subject to almost tyrannical rule and there was animosity towards each other, or the husbands did not provide spiritual leadership and the family strayed from God.

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Both of these situations were far from what God had intended.

I can’t believe that was all I had to say about that. I’m also not sure what sources I used for supporting evidence (or maybe I was just drawing my own conclusions?) I dunno, I do cite sources in several other places – it would have been nice to see me do that here, too.

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I have several thoughts to add to this, but as I said before, I’ll save it for the end. What are your thoughts?

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September 22, 2008 7:36 am

You have a BEAUTIFUL blog!!

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