Getting Fit #4

getfit2.jpgI’m very excited about this week’s Getting Fit post! I’m not really sure if the scale moved (it’s an “old-fashioned” spring scale, not some new-fangled fancy digital one), but I measured for the first time since I began this journey to a healthier me and I have lost a whole inch in my waist and a half inch in my hips. The scale may not be doing much, but at least the tape measure is providing some encouragement. I’ve got to get back on the exercise horse now that we’re all well and I can start getting enough sleep at night again.

This week I kept working on drinking more water, watching my salt intake, and keeping a better eye on my calorie intake.

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One of my biggest problem areas occurs after dinner. I get very “snack-y” late at night before I go to bed. Since there’s usually at least four hours between dinner and my bedtime, I definitely need to make sure I handle late night snacks. One thing I have been doing is having a slim-fast optima shake when I get hungry, because it’s a under my 300 calorie allowance and it also helps curb my hunger so that I don’t continue to snack more afterward.

However, sometimes I really have a particular craving. I’ve been making the chocolate chip granola bars whenever I have a really strong craving for something sweet… but what do I make when I have a craving for something salty and crunchy? Believe it or not, I secretly have an obsession for Ranch Dorito Chips. I know, it’s weird. I love cookies and cakes, but whereas I could not sit down and a whole bag or box of sweets, I could eat an entire bag of Ranch Doritos in one sitting. I don’t. But I could. I need some kind of healthy substitute for when I want something salty and and savory and crunchy. And I’m open to suggestions. For although I’m laying off the Doritos right now, it’s driving me crazy to not have something crunchy when I really want some crunchy.

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No, carrot sticks and ranch aren’t quite the same, sorry.

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So you think about it and I’ll keep thinking about it and in the meantime I’ll just keep chewing my fingernails and twitching through the withdrawals. Kidding! Chewing your fingernails is a very bad habit. 🙂

My goals for the upcoming week is to fit in at least 3 exercise sessions, wear my pedometer daily, and keep focusing on the sleep, water and salt. “Just do it!” =)

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January 29, 2008 10:27 am

Hi! I’m a friend of Morgan’s at . I find the Wal-Mart store brand (Graet Value) of “Wheat Thins” to be a great option for a healthier crunchy snack. They are very cheap ($1.00 a box) and very good!! The low fat version is just as good as the “full fat” ones!!! For a sweet version I like them toped with marshmellow creame. Since getting married I’ve gained a lot of waight, so I’m also looking for healthier snacks. I’m also a bed time eater!! I’ll eat more after supper than I will all day. 🙂 Have a blessed… Read more »

Your Mommie
Your Mommie
January 27, 2008 1:47 pm

there are those 100 calorie snacks by Nabisco. And I agree with the popcorn suggestion. There are flavored “sprinkles” that you can shake onto popcorn. And what about baking your own chips? You could shake the flavoring on before baking. What about baking your own seeds like pumpkin seeds? Love you Boo’ful

January 27, 2008 10:47 am

Well… when I was grocery shopping, I did notice a variety of low to zero fat or baked chips. I bought some of the Lay’s chips this time, and just the taste difference made sure that I only had a few… but they’re quite crunchy. 😀 I think next time I’m gonna try the Pringles version and see what they’re like. Or you could use your fabulous popcorn popper and find some recipes to make some flavored versions… Or some savory flavored mini rice cakes… Baked tortilla chips and pico de gallo? well, those are my thoughts… can’t wait to… Read more »

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