Gather ‘Round for “Hallow-What?” Next Monday


Halloween is practically right around the corner. What are you going to do? Are you a “Halloween Shmalloween!” kind of person? Do you despise it, not care, try to meet in the middle or love it? Do you even know?

For many Christians, this time of year can feel a bit tricky to navigate.

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Many Christians aren’t quite sure how they feel about the holiday, or aren’t quite sure how to balance being in but not of the world while simultaneously pleasing and teaching their children.

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How do you do it?

Next Monday I’ll be writing a special – just for you! I want to make it very clear that my goal is not to belittle other Christians who choose to participate in some kind of Halloween related festivities. There will be no bashing.

Yes, I’ll tell you a bit about my decision and how I got to it. But the main point of this special is to provide suggestions for building your own Christ-centered traditions with your family during this wonderful time of year – Autumn – and the Halloween holiday that lands smack in the middle of it.

I’ll also be posting a MckLinky to provide YOU the opportunity to share your favorite Halloween/Fall Harvest/Autumn family activity or tradition. You can share anything new or old that you’ve done this year or in the past.

So let’s meet back here next Monday, shall we?

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Oh, and tell your friends, too, will ya? See you then!

P.S.If you have an article that you have written about your family decision about Halloween and would like me to include it in a list of “Additional Reading” resources, please email me the link to amber{at}classichousewife{dot}com or send it to me on Twitter @amberoliver.

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