Flash Cards Work!

You’re probably shaking your heads and thinking: “Silly woman, they’re supposed to work!” Well, now I know it. 🙂

I inherited a used, FREE, good condition set of flash cards from a friend who uses Saxon Math. I think it came in the second grade kit, if I remember correctly. It does have multiplication and division which we’re not ready for yet, but I’ve been using the addition cards for my first grader this week. Each day before we start math I’ve been drilling her with the cards for the sets she has learned so far (“0+_”, “1+_”, “2+_”, “9+_”, “8+_”). I’ve really noticed a difference in how quickly she gets her math assignment done after reviewing the addition facts first. I’m also noticing how much quicker she is learning the newest set. Yay! Flash cards work!

Definitely a habit we are keeping. 🙂

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