Eating (Even) Healthier

Eating healthy is something we do better at, and then backslide at a bit, and then do good at again… sound familiar? Healthy to me, is something I define as: eating as many whole foods as possible, eliminating as many pre-packed and convenience food as possible, limiting sweets and indulging in them in moderation and using proper portion control.

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Well, it’s even a little bit easier now because Big Daddy is working out and lifting weights and wants to eat really healthy. Woohoo! Of course, that has it’s difficult points -working a picky eater into a healthy menu takes a little bit of finesse but I can handle it. And believe me, I am LOVING the new menu (hello more chicken, goodbye too much ground beef!)

For the kids, I’m adjusting their diets somewhat but not as extreme as ours because they’re not trying to work out and lose weight. So basically, I didn’t eliminate breakfast cereal entirely, but I did limit their options and I don’t fix that every morning. They wanted ice cream, so we compromised with mini ice cream sandwiches so that it’s a smaller portion. I won’t be buying ice cream every week, either.

Last weekend I went grocery shopping with our new healthy eating in mind and here’s just a little sample of the healthy things I bought for us to eat:

Chicken of course.
Solid white albacore tuna.
Lean lunch meat (for sandwich wraps mainly.)
And a little bit of very lean ground beef because we’re all crazy if we think Big Daddy is going to let it go completely. ;P
Dried beans
We already had farm fresh organic eggs.
All natural peanut butter
Turkey bacon

String cheese.
Mini Babybel Light – we wanted to try them. Good, but because of the cost, we’ll stick with string cheese.
Plain yogurt
Cottage Cheese
Feta cheese

Whole grain braid
Multi-grain and other higher fiber tortilla wraps
More wild rice was on the list but we forgot it! We’ll be picking up some more soon.
I also need to pick up some more Wasa crackers.

We already had a ton of fresh produce from the organic produce coop we’re in, but I also picked up some baby spinach, and green onions. Green onions are my favorite way to spice up scrambled eggs, cream cheese on a bagel-thin, sandwich wraps, etc.

So I’m curious.. is there anything you would add to the list? What is your favorite healthy food to buy?

Photo credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Matter = Energy

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October 7, 2010 9:27 am

Good for you guys going the healthy route! I would be careful with the tuna because of the mercury content, you can find some good ones out there that are low mercury and have certified safe fishing practices! I would add steal cut oats! my kids love them with almonds and honey even a little plain homemade yogurt! I make them in the crock pot the night before so that they are ready to go when we wake up in the a.m. 1c oats, 4c water in a glass bowl you at this point add what you’d like, dried fruit… Read more »

October 7, 2010 4:09 pm

Thanks, Crystal! I LOVE oatmeal! (And granola, and using the oats in breads and cookies..) I haven’t tried steel cut yet, but I always buy the old fashioned and never the instant stuff. When I’m out of this, I may try to get some of the good stuff through our produce co-op!

I think I have tried quinoa once before.. I don’t recall if we liked it or not. We’ll have to try it again. And I love, love, love Wasa crackers. =)

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