Cool Math 4 Kids

coolmathEarlier today my 9 yr old asked me to find some new games online for her to play.

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I countered with, “After you play Timez Attack for a little while.”

She scoffed but that was the deal, so that’s how it went down. 😉

After she’d practiced her multiplication facts for a little while I went online and sent her this link:

To which her reply was: “Math? I meant a fun game.”

I encouraged her to click the link and try it and before you know it we were both trying our hand at the brain teasers. (I have to confess I couldn’t solve the Eight Queens or Bridge Crossing.)

From there Princess moved on to playing other math games – learning math and having enough fun she didn’t realize she was practicing her math skills.

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

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