Come, Shoot the Breeze With Me

Happy one year to Classic Housewife – yay!

Sorry, that’s pretty much all that I’ve had time to blog about this week – it’s kinda stuck on the brain. =)

That being said, I do have all kinds of good links to share with you, but I don’t have it in me to get them written out right now. =\ It’s been a rough day, I have company coming tomorrow and I will be celebrating my little boy’s 4th birthday (tomorrow!!) on Sunday. My weekend is pretty packed.

Of course the kids and I are also in the middle of trying to get some Thanksgiving type crafts and such done before the holiday. (Blog posts and pics to come soon, our Indian necklaces are already finished.)

Sorry to weasel out on y’all like this,… but hey,… I’ve posted ALL. KINDS. of good links on my bloggiversary/Thanksgiving posts – and there’s a Thanksgiving crafts and resources post scheduled for Sunday. So that totally makes up for it, right? (See them all here.)

For those of you who DID write week-in-review type posts or if you have written something that needs a little more link love, join in our conversation this weekend and share them with us!

Thanks for sitting & shooting the breeze with me. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer. 😉