Big Homeschool Blogger Field Trip – Fun!

We did it! Yesterday we went to the zoo, met up with two friends and had a blast. It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

I first have to take a moment to that I’m really sorry if anyone showed up and looked for me and couldn’t find me.

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I wasn’t really expecting anybody but the zoo was so crazy busy that it took extra long to get into the zoo, find a parking space, and I wasn’t where I said I was going to be when I said I was going to be there.

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I did *not* allow enough time for crazy zoo parking!

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So I’m really sorry, and I hope that no one decided to show up at the last minute and missed me…

And I’m NOT kidding about the crazy busy part! It seemed that every school district in the surrounding area decided to have a field trip the same day — half the parking lot was blocked off for school buses! It was nuts. But once we got inside we bee-lined to the back and worked our way forward and it was all fun and good times from there on out.

I met up with two friends, Katie @ Boasting In My Weakness – a homeschooling friend who I haven’t seen in way too long since she moved away, and Clarica @ Sweetest Thing Cakes and Nostalgia Eatery – a long time friend who I also don’t see often enough since she lives so far away. We had lots of fun. The kids did, too. I count the whole thing as a success.

The highlights:

The new dinosaur “exhibit” (life sized, motorized, dinosaurs scattered throughout the zoo. They growled, even their eyes moved!)

The new reptile exhibit, and TOUCHING A SNAKE!

Feeding the birds in the aviary.

The baby monkey.

And some of my other favorite shots from the day were…

As you can see, we really had a good time. And you can see all of my zoo pics on my flickr stream.

And by the looks of it, my friend, Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog, had fun with her homeschool field trip, too!!

If you joined either one (or went somewhere that day on your own to join in that way) be sure to link up, all righty?

And what’s that you say? Another? Yes, there is already talk of another. Perhaps this fall… perhaps next Spring as an annual event. So maybe we’ll see you next time?

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April 30, 2011 12:40 am

It’s so cool that you have a big, full zoo near you! We had one that had animals from the Northwest (no African or other) but they shut down in 1994 and built a huge YMCA in it’s place. 🙂 It looks like you got great pictures and had a lot of fun. Thanks so much for getting this thing together!

April 30, 2011 12:15 pm

This makes me want to go to Seattle so my kids can go to a real zoo….they have never been.

Susan Evans
Susan Evans
April 30, 2011 11:11 pm

Wonderful animal pictures! At least you saw more than cats!

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