And the winners are..

I just want to start by saying.. doing a week long event with posts every day is CrAzY!! I’m not planning on doing that again any time soon. 😛 Actually, I’m already planning another series, one about blogging, but I can guarantee that it’s going to be a weekly series. 😉 But enough about me – you want to know who the winners are, don’t you??

HOW MUCH do I love that all four of my linky participants won something? And it wasn’t just because their linky numbers came up – it was because they also commented somewhere else. (To choose I began counting with the linky participants and then continued counting the comments on each post in the order of the series and used a random generator to select the five winners. I didn’t count comments from myself or my mother – at her request.) So a big THANK YOU to the four of you who helped me break in my first ever Mr. Linky. Love y’all for that!

AND!!! A HUGE round of applause for my sponsors please?? Momma Knows @ 5 Kids and A Dog and Kelly @ Designs of Mine

Here’s the rest of the results:

1 – Colleen @ Mommy Always Wins : Christmas themed header.

2 – Renae @ Life Nurturing Education : “Wishes” by Sara Teasdale, a 28 page poetry copybook

4 – Brownie @ Running the Race : Celebrate the Seasons

6 – Kelly @ Designs of Mine : Seasons of Faith by Marcia Joslin Stoner.

11 – Kristina @ Mama Divas : “Christmas Covered Chocolate”

Each of you will receive emails from me, and, if you’re receiving a gift from one of my sponsors, from them also – so keep an eye out for those. Congrats to all who won and thanks to all who participated. Merry Christmas!


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