Advent is here!

Okay, it’s been here a week, but I’ve been otherwise occupied. I know I’m going to be posting a lot about Advent and the things we are doing. However, they’ll all be on my other blog, Bringing School Home because, to me, educating my children doesn’t stop with the ABC’s.

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It has a lot to do with teaching them about God.

Celebrating Advent is a great way to worship, celebrate and learn about God.

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Plus, if you start at the beginning of December and carry through to January 6th, that’s 5 whole weeks of Christmas cheer! I love it. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

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Anywho, I don’t have anything up yet, because I was out of batteries for my camera. I got some more batteries at the store today, though, so it’s all good now. (I really need to invest in some rechargeables!)

Well, I hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit. May His LOVE and JOY and PEACE fill your heart this Christmas season!!