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I encourage you to visit the “information by state” page at Homeschool Legal Defense Association. If you live in Texas, you may also want to check out the Texas Homeschool Coalition. 

Truly, though, Texas is one of the best states for homeschooling! We have a large homeschool community, regulations are low, resources are abundant. It’s incredibly easy to give your kids the education they need, even in subjects they need help with or that you aren’t strong in, because there are so many options available to us.

I know many homeschool moms who struggle with math, for example. There are so many varieties of curriculum to try that come with plenty of teacher helps. I know many moms who opt to use online math classes or tutoring. I also know many moms who seek math tutoring outside their home, or trade teaching with a friend to get their kids the math help they need. And in Texas, you’re completely free to choose any or all of these options.

If you have any questions about homeschooling in Texas, just ask!

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I found this homeschool resource site today: This lady has been assembling resources and printables for your download and use, from forms to math to language arts and more, since 1998. Check out this snippet from Donna's Copywork page: A few ideas for copy-work and dictation.... Grades ...
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Free Workbooks & Unit Studies from School Express

School Express offers over 500 Unit Studies & e-Workbooks, available for downloading and printing. Organized by subject, a brief description and appropriate age level is indicated on the download page. Even though we already have curriculum, the kids always get excited about new worksheets or workbooks. They're relieved by the ...
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The First Day of School

The first day in pictures: To say today "went well" would be a lie... The pictures are misleading. Today was hard, long, exhausting, painful, nerve-wracking and "take-me-to-the-nuthouse!!" crazy. There were distractions, and issues with not paying attention or following directions, problems with butting in on each other's work, you name ...
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How Does A Princess Learn?

I find things like learning styles and personality types interesting. I know it's not the end all and be all of who we are. I believe that God made us each unique and there is no cookie cutter equation. I also think that there are certain patterns that can be ...
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WFMW – Homemade Saxon Math

Ideally, if all things came together and the stars aligned and a magic fairy waved her wand and zapped my school supplies,... I'd be teaching Princess with a Saxon 2 Math book right now. Alas, as the stars did not align, no fairy waved her wand, and God chose to ...
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Field Trip to the Firehouse

Today we joined a group of homeschoolers for a field trip to the firehouse. And I didn't take my camera - what was I thinking? The firemen showed us a fire rescue truck, a water truck, and an ambulance. The kids enjoyed learning about each truck but especially the ambulance ...
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