A New Church?

I’ve mentioned a little, bits and pieces, that we’ve been in a (long) process of finding a new church. I’ve tried a little here, a little there.. I’ve never really committed to anywhere..

I’m not really certain that this is “the one” or that we’ll end up committing to our “new church” either..

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but I can say this: it looks like there’s potential. How’s that for vague? =p

Hubs and I have taken the kids to a new church for the past 3 Sundays and we’ve all liked it pretty well. The incredible thing is that it’s quite a drive (we have to leave 45 minutes before the service starts) and I can’t believe that we’re actually making that kind of drive on Sunday mornings. Fortunately there are two services and the late one is at 11:15. ;0)

This has also made for three really great family Sundays. We’ve either gone out to lunch with his family or gone straight over to his mom’s house and had lunch there, and then we spend the rest of the day swimming and visiting with his mom and her husband and his brother and sister-in-law. We haven’t left before dark thirty each Sunday and we’ve just enjoyed a lot of family quality time together. It’s been great.

I’m not even certain that we will all go back next Sunday, I’m just taking it one Sunday at a time.

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I know that the past three Sundays have been really great and I’m hoping for more great Sundays in the future. After such a long time of not being able to say that.. it’s really nice to say that right now. =)

Image Credit: Stephen Nakatani on Flickr, via Creative Commons 2.0

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