A Classic Housewife Needs YOU! (To vote for me, ahem.)

I am shocked and excited! I’ve been nominated for THE Homeschool Blog Awards 2009! The category? Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger – the blogger you’d most like to meet and be buddies with in real life.

I’m flattered! And excited, and surprised and in disbelief and all kinds of other things. I don’t think I will get the most votes, but HEY, I can try – right?

Would you vote for me?

Of course, I WOULD say that if you see somebody else on the list that you’d rather vote for, then do that! Really!

There are so many of Y’ALL that I would like to meet in real life, too.

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It would be so much fun to gather round a dining table with a cup of coffee while our kids play together happily and we say, “Oh this is so  much fun!

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It’s like we’re old friends getting together again instead of meeting for the first time.” =)

I actually got to meet a bloggy friend for the first time yesterday (you know who you are, you owe me a copy of that picture so I can blog about our visit!) I had a blast. Perhaps someday in the future, I can meet more of you, too!

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Anyway, I don’t think I should continue on, I’ve already used more exclamation points than a person should use in one day. I’ll just end with:

Vote Classic Housewife for Best Cyber-Buddy Blogger!

Thanks, Y’all. (And check out my friends who have also been nominated.)

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Come, Shoot the Breeze With Me! | A Classic Housewife, Daily Life
November 14, 2009 12:19 am

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