31 Day Fitness Challenge, Day 8

Onward and forward fellow exercisers! I did get my exercises done yesterday, just like I was supposed to.

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I really didn’t want to. Really, really. We’d had extra cold weather yesterday and one of our heaters died so we were a heater short and I just never really felt warm all day long. Brr!

I did it anyway, and you know what?

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I wasn’t cold when I was through. ; )

So here’s the rundown for Day 8:

Activity: The 30 Day Shred, Level 1
Activity Length: 20/25 minutes
Difficulty: Oh my gosh what an improvement from Day 1. It was Day 8 of the fitness challenge but this was Day 4 of The 30 Day Shred and WOW – what a difference!

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I still cannot do all of the cardio segment in the first circuit on level 1 without stopping and shaking out leg muscles or switching to running or jumping in place for a few seconds. It just KILLS my quads. However, there were several sets that I hadn’t been able to fully complete the right way that I DID complete last night and it felt so good.
How I feel: I’m starting to feel an improvement in my energy level and endurance throughout the day. I know that it’s got to be the exercise because I haven’t been drinking more coffee and I certainly haven’t been getting enough sleep! I’m still working on getting started on exercise earlier so I can to bed on time. I need to make it work tonight because I want to get on time for church in the morning!
Tomorrow: Day 5 of the Shred. Bring it on, baby!

If you’re just now finding this challenge, start here.

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