31 Day Fitness Challenge, Day… 23? 24? 25? 26?

Day 22?? I haven’t blogged about exercising since DAY 22??!! OH. MY. WORD.

It all started on Sunday. I DID exercise Saturday night but I really laid around and enjoyed my day on Sunday, I didn’t blog at all. I figured I’d catch up on Monday. Monday… I don’t even really remember Monday. What did we do on Monday?! I know that we got all our school done, I read to the kids for an hour at bedtime, and I felt like I was coming down with something – which I was. I excercised that night anyway. Both of those nights I did the 30 Day Shred like a good little girl, even though I didn’t feel like it, even though I had no energy and no stamina.

And then there was no more “good little girl even though ____” exercising after that. Because Tuesday morning I DID wake up sick. And I am still sick. And I have not exercised for the last two nights because I really don’t have the energy – but more than that, I’ve got the kind of sick where you don’t really “care.” You know – “Oh, look, the kids are making a mess, Oh well…” or “Oh, look, it’s past their bed time, Oh well…” or “Oh, yeah, I really should exercise, but, Oh well…” Meh. I told my husband that my driving force with making sure I did NOT miss any days was my goal for a perfect record and with that out of the way and gone already, what can I say? I’m flaky that way. There was little resistance to the “I’m sick” excuse.

Anyhow… I haven’t yet decided if I will exercise tonight, or if Day 27 will be another “oh well” day. I mean, I SHOULD. But “they” say that you need to get your rest when you have a cold, right??

Right now, I’m off to read some more Boxcar Children to my kiddos, as much as my scratchy throat can handle anyway,.. and then I betcha I crash in bed and sleep like a baby. Or better than a baby. Or whatever.

And PLEASE. Do not use me as your motivation this week. Look elsewhere if you want “driving force,” this cold has sapped all of mine. Call up Jillian Michaels. I think her number is 1-800-KICK-BUTT. She’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Oh yes she will!

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