31 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 2

Woo-hoo! Day 2 is DONE baby! Obviously I didn’t start The 30 Day Shred today or I wouldn’t be as chipper. =P With my Achilles tendon still bothering me I decided to do a different yoga video instead. It was longer, too!

Here’s the run down on yesterday’s workout.

Activity: Yoga
Activity Length: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Not “hard” as in kick your butt hard, but challenging on a couple of balancing poses and really working my abdominal muscles, lower back and thighs that got a good workout yesterday.
How I feel: Relaxed, sore, taller, a little jelloey and ready for some chamomile tea or something. =P
Tomorrow: I’ll see how my Achilles tendon is feeling tomorrow. I’m going to keep taking it easy on that until it feels better.

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Straining it too hard and putting it out of commission could make exercising at all really difficult!

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If you’d like to try some yoga workouts as well, you can google online yoga workout and see what you find.

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You may have to try some and discard some if you find workouts that get a little too heavy into the mysticism for you. But if you keep looking you can find some really simple, relaxing but challenging workouts. Yoga is a good way to work on your muscle strength and tone, balance and flexibility if you need something low-impact and low-intensity while recovering from an injury or an illness. It really does burn calories, too, even if not as much as cardio workouts do.

If you’re just now finding this challenge, start here.

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