31 Day Fitness Challenge, Day 12

Back on the 30 Day Shred bandwagon. Or exercise wagon. Or whatever – I did the Shred last night okay? And I could TELL that I hadn’t done it the two days before. So we know not to do THAT again, don’t we??

Lesson learned.

But it DOES bring up a good point doesn’t it? What am I going to do when the 31 Day Fitness Challenge is over?? Well. I’m not sure. I guess I’ll keep trying to exercise every day until I get down to my goal weight. But you can bet that on those nights when it just gets WAY TOO LATE, I’ll probably opt for bed time instead. I won’t keep blogging about it every day because that’s just a lot. I probably WILL blog a once a week check in though, to keep me diligent. But what about when I get down to my goal weight? Do I really NEED to exercise every single day? I don’t really think so. I think I could drop to every other day, or 3 times a week. I guess we’ll just have to see.. Anywho..

And here’s the rundown for Day 12:

Activity: The 30 Day Shred Level 1
Activity Length: 20/25 minutes
Difficulty: My stamina was down just a bit, I had to push through a bit harder to get it done. But I did it. And then I downed a glass of water. I was parched!
How I feel: Tired but more energetic. Odd combo, I know.
Tomorrow: Definitely The 30 Day Shred again!

If you’re just now finding this challenge, start here.

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January 13, 2010 7:06 pm

I’m on the 30 Day Shred too. Today was Day 3. This is a workout that seriously kick butt.

January 14, 2010 10:36 pm

I just finished my 30 Day Shred Day ?, too. I’ve been reading snippets of your blog off and on all day and I just wanted to say I love it and THANK YOU!!! I’m just getting going with my five year old. I love your tips for planning the school year and organization. This is definitely one I’ll bookmark and come back to.

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