12 Days of Easter: Art Projects

12 Days of EasterIf it’s a holiday of any kind then art projects inevitably abound in our house. (It’s the easiest thing to do, that’s why.) There are so many possibilities!

Easter art projects we’ve done so far this year:

  • Completed the three art lessons on The Crossmaker DVD from See the Light
  • Experimented with chalk pastels while drawing Easter Lilies.
  • Watercolor painted Easter scenes
  • Today in church the kids made palm leaves out of construction paper – totally getting added to our bulletin board


Last week the kids and I also started this watercolor lesson from the See the Light Blog. We’ll finish it this week on Thursday (our art day.) A quick google search will help you find all kinds of Easter art projects and crafts, too.


 Tips for making projects intentional and meaningful:

  • Don’t overplan and “overpreach” the art lesson, keep it easygoing and fun.
  • While you draw, paint, etc, chat and ask questions about Jesus, his crucifixion, resurrection and God’s plan for salvation. It’s not a test, just a conversation.
  • Incorporate a key scripture into/onto the art lesson if you want to.
  • For a time, hang the art projects in a prominent place to serve as a visual reminder of what you’re celebrating!

What are your kids favorite kinds of art projects?


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