10 Kids Magazine Subscriptions

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Are magazines “old school” now?

Perhaps, in some ways, yes. But, aside from online shopping, the internet still can’t provide the joy of finding something fun in your mailbox. The kids love getting things in the mail (and who can blame them – none of the bills have their names on them.) 😉

The kids’ were first introduced to the world of magazines several years ago when my mom bought the kids an annual subscription to ZooBooks. We’ve had a couple others over the past few years and I’ve decided that magazines are something I want to spend some school money on this year. Magazines are fun. Magazines can be educational. Magazines are a window into the world around us. One just has to choose wisely.

3 Kids Magazine Subscriptions We Already Have:

1. American Girl – 6 issues a year, I have American Girl fans so they enjoy getting this one.

2. Discovery Girls – 6 issues a year, lots of cool craft ideas and stuff in these.

3. Lego Magazine – it’s free! It’s not a very big magazine but it makes my little guy SO HAPPY.

7 More Magazines I’m Considering:

I want to add at least three more, one for each child. But I can’t pick. Here’s 7 that are on my list of possible options.

4. Zoobooks – again, because my son liked them a lot.

5. Highlights For Children – I have fond memories of pouring through this in our school library during library time when I was a kid.

6. God’s World News – I have a friend who subscribes to this one for her kids.

7. Answers Magazine – something we could all enjoy.

8. Nature Friend Magazine – this looks really good, too.

9. Focus on the Family Clubhouse – they have a Jr. version, too.

10. Ok, you got me. I’m stuck. I don’t have a tenth one. What would you suggest? Would you add something else or vote for something I’ve already got listed?

I’m linking this up (a couple of days late, cough cough) with Angie’s Top Ten Tuesday. If you link up with TTT, have you seen the news that starting next week it will be List it Tuesday? That means we can list any number of things. Like, say, NINE magazines instead of ten. 😉 Go check it out. =)

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September 20, 2013 7:21 am

We get the Focus on the Family magazines, and they’re wonderful. But we also get “Keys for Kids,” a devotional magazine that I think that has done wonders for my kids’ characters. Here’s the URL:

liza lee grace
liza lee grace
September 22, 2013 8:30 pm

My boys are 12 (almost 13), 9, and just turned 7. We have a subscription to Highlights, which is a great one for young kids, but we will let expire in February, because my boys are no longer interested. All they enjoy is the Hidden Pictures, but even my youngest doesn’t do those any more. They more make fun of the stories than enjoy them. We have a subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids, which will expire in December and we won’t renew because it was a gift for my oldest and he isn’t interested in it anymore. The younger guys… Read more »

Ellen Grace Callahan
Ellen Grace Callahan
September 22, 2013 9:17 pm

Check out CRICKET and it’s affiliates. They have a wide age range.

September 23, 2013 7:07 am

Thanks for these great suggestions. I haven’t thought about “Highlights” in years. But , yes, it drums up lovely memories. I am ordering the Legos Magazine today.

September 25, 2013 3:50 pm

Love these suggestions. Can’t wait to tell my sister-in-law about these magazines for kids, for sure they will love it! 😀

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